Aluminum from Thailand to the World

We celebrate the grand opening of the overseas comprehensive production plant for rolled aluminum products into which the entire UACJ Group has poured its energy.

The superb technological capabilities, planning skills, and on-site proficiency of the whole UACJ group, fostered over a long period in Japan, are now being unfolded in Thailand. As a brilliant global player with a dynamic presence, UACJ (Thailand) will deliver high-quality products to customers worldwide.

About Us As the Southeast Asian production base of the UACJ Group, UACJ (Thailand) is the largest aluminum rolled sheet plant in S. E. Asia conducting comprehensive production.
Manufacturing Process UACJ (Thailand) has established an optimal manufacturing process to meet the needs of various aluminum products, including automotive heat exchanger materials and beverage can ends.
Facilities The Second Phase line responsible for the processes from casting to hot rolling has been completed. The system allows production of 192,000 tons of aluminum sheet p.a.
Products Dispatching world quality from Thailand. We guarantee global customers a stable supply of high-quality products.
UACJ UACJ Group companies spread across Thailand manufacture aluminum extrusion materials, heat exchanger products, and so on.
Join UACJ Here’s the recruitment information for UACJ (Thailand), a major globally competitive aluminum company.
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